Minister Rob Davies welcomes proposed International Partnership on SARi in Berlin, Germany, July 2011

5th July 2011,

The South African Embassy in Berlin together with Africa-Verein and Siemens held a reception for DTI Minister Rob Davies in Berlin.  Minister Davies met wth the representatives from German Businesses in the renewables sector and spoke about South Africa’s long term, ambitious targets for developing renewables.

South Africa has the potential to be home to a globally competitive renewable energy sector.  The country has some of the best wind and solar natural resources in the world and the government is committed to pursuing a pathway of green growth. He told them about the South African Renewables Initiative as a vehicle for partnering with international governments achieve an ambitious ramp up of renewables in South Africa.

“International funding is key to unlocking the renewables opportunity in South Africa, both for domestic consumers and industry, and for international investors and technology partners”  said Davies, “Germany would be a very appropriate partner because of its leadership on feed in tariffs and its industrial strength and interests”.  The event was well received.

Minister Rob Davies also participated at a high-level public congress held by the the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag on  issues of sustainable development. The aim of he congress was to contribute to the preparations for the UN “Rio +20 Conference” in 2012 and focused particularly on the African dimension.  Minister Davies also presented SARi and how it could serve as a model for interntional collabortion leading up to COP17.  He took part in a panel discussion on good governance and efficient development cooperation as a basis for sustainable development.

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