Project Background

The South African Renewables Initiative was developed and unveiled as an initial concept at the Cancun Climate Change Summit in 2010, with the vision of developing an innovative solution to financing the incremental costs of renewables in South Africa with attendant economic, industrial and climate benefits.

It was originally developed  as a joint initiative of the  Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Public Enterprise under the Industrial Policy Action Plan. It is now being taken forward as a South African Government Initiative, confirmed by Cabinet and part of the Climate Change Response Strategy.

It is guided by a cross departmental Project Steering Commitee, co-chaired by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Energy.

Contributions towards the development work for the initiative by the UK Government’s Department for International Development and the European Climate Foundation, as well as administrative and technical advisory support from WWF South Africa are gratefully acknowledged

The Initiative’s development has been supported by the SARi Project Team who have comprised over the past two years Simon Zadek, Sharmala Naidoo, Saliem Fakir, Jörg Haas, Maya Forstater, Antonio Alvarez, Jon Kornik, Daniel Fleischer, Kathy Berman, Nikola Franke, Aimee Girdwood, Charlotte Inglis, and Kalyan  Kolukuluri.