The South Africa Renewables Initiative (SARi) is an initiative of the Government of South Africa. It has been developed as part of the Industrial Policy Action Plan, and is an integral part of South Africa’s National Climate Change Response Strategy.

The aim of the initiative is enable the ambitious scaling up of renewable energy in South Africa, as envisaged in the Integrated Resource Plan for electricity.

As laid out in Partnering for Green Growth,  (download full or summary),  this would deliver benefits for jobs and industrial development, energy security and regional energy development and would contribute towards international efforts for climate change mitigation.

Critical to achieving South Africa’s goals is the international provision of finance, technology and capacity building and the mobilization of private sector investment. This is needed to overcome the ‘incremental cost’ burden which stands in the way of large-scale renewables procurement in South Africa.

The SARi International Partnership has been developed to support these objectives. It brings together the South African Government with international partners from other governments and development finance institutions to work together towards the aim of developing the enhanced financing arrangements needed to catalyze growth in the renewable industry and associated industrial and economic benefits. The framework for collaboration is laid out in a Declaration of Intent.

SARi is one of many  domestic and international developments needed to support renewable energy. Energy regulation, system management and oversight, pricing and tariffs and the creation of national public funds and facilities are but a few of the measures. It is these developments that will ensure that finance mobilised through the initiative and other sources will be deployed effectively.