The SARi Project Team

The development of SARi is supported by the SARi Project Team, contracted to the Department of Trade and Industry.

Dr Simon Zadek
SARi Project Team Leader
Simon Zadek leads the international research team supporting SARi’s development. He is a  Senior Fellow at the Global Green Growth Institute and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation. He is an advisor to the World Economic Forum focused on climate finance and an honorary professor at the University of South Africa. Simon is a member of the China Council International Co-operation on Environment and Development’s Task Force on Trade and Environment and sits on the  Advisory Boards of the Brazilian business network, Instituto Ethos,  sustainability fund manager Generation Investment Management, and the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development.

Sharmala Naidoo
Project Manager
Sharmala manages the development of SARi’s technical research and outreach workstreams.  She has worked at senior levels within the South African National Treasury where she  led the International Economics Unit, managed its restructuring, initiated its change management process and worked on a range of international finance and development policy issues including World Bank and IMF Reform, climate change and aid effectiveness. She has also worked as a specialist on project and programme planning and institutional development.

Saliem Fakir
Advisor, South Africa
Saliem Fakir has led the work on SARi’s technological strategy and overall conceptual development and advises on public policy. He is a leading South African researcher and commentator on the economic implications of climate change has conducted numerous pieces of work in the area. He heads the Living Planet Unit at the World-Wide Fund for Nature in South Africa.

Dr Edwin Ritchken
SARi Project Strategic Advisor
Edwin Ritchken is Strategic Projects Advisor at the Department of Public Enterprises. The DPE,  with the DTI, held custodianship of the project from inception. He is experienced in designing and implementing major public procurements linked to industrial development objectives.

Jörg Haas
Advisor, International Affairs
Jörg Haas is co-opted to SARi from the European Climate Foundation where he is Director for Climate Diplomacy at the European Climate Foundation. He is a widely respected analyst of international climate and energy issues and has been attending climate negotiations since 1999. He advises and facilitates relations between the initiative and potential international funding partners.

Maya Forstater
Senior Researcher
Maya Forstater has been responsible for developing SARi’s external briefings and managing research. She is a researcher who has worked for over ten years in the field of business and sustainable development, working with major corporations, multi-sector partnerships and business groupings in the energy, ICT, apparel, mining and minerals and mobility sectors.

Antonio Alvarez
Economic analyst
Antonio Alvarez is responsible for developing the financial and economic analysis underpinning SARi.  He has worked for four years as Strategy and Financial consultant . and  participated in several projects on the Renewables sector. He is currently studying for a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia Business School in New York City. in Spain and the U.S. and  participated in several projects on the Renewables sector. He is currently studying for a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia Business School in New York City.

Kathy Berman
Communications Specialist
With a background in television print and radio broadcasting in South Africa and internationally  and an MBA in Corporate Finance and Investor Relations, Kathy has consulted in Strategic Corporate Finance and Investor and Stakeholder Relations for over a decade. She advises on strategy and communications to businesses and the public sector and is leading SARi’s communications and events in the run up to COP 17.

Adele Faasen
Project Administrator
Adele Faasen coordinates and supports the work of the SARi team. She is based in the World-Wide Fund for Nature offices in Cape Town. She obtained her IT Project Management Diploma at the Faculty Training Institute in Cape Town. She worked at various corporate institutes locally and abroad. Prior to working at WWF, she ran a family owned pasta manufacturing company.

Tsundzukani Mhlanga
Project Support
A chartered accountant with tax specialization and experience in the resources sector, Tsundzukani is providing support to the team during the COP 17 launch of SARi.