Partner statements

Statements made by Ministers and Partners at the launch of SARi

South African Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters emphasised the importance of South African Renewables Initiative to the implementation of the Integrated Resource Plan and to the Renewables Procurement programme.  “As you can see this Declaration of Intent is being signed at the right time. The bidding process has been successfully initiated and is being rolled out and the IRP is being implemented. An injection of funding is critical to the success of this ambitious renewable energy programme.” (full statement and video)

South African Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies welcomed the launch of the partnership as a great moment for South Africa in our endevours to green the economy and to gain the benefits of industrial development and job creation. He made clear that renewables are part of South Africa’s industrial policy “We have taken the strategic decision that we will make this a source of opportunity and development for our country, and for that we need scale.” (full statement and video)

Martin Lidegaard, Minister of Climate, Energy and Building of Denmark also welcomed SARi as a vehicle to help in the transition to green growth in South Africa and as an example to others.“The people of South Africa know better than anyone that where there is a will there is a way. South Africa has been a role model for conflict resolution in my generation. I believe the world will also soon be able to look to South Africa for models and good policies for transforming their society to a green prosperous future.” (full statement and video)

Ambassador Designate Dr. Horst Freitag, representing Germany’s Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Dr. Norbert Röttgen noted that SARi is a partnership with international significance, and called on all partners to work together to turn the principles into action. “We believe”, he said “that SARI is an important programme for climate, energy and industrial policy whose impact will also be felt beyond South Africa’s borders. This excellent programme can be a model of an ambitious  Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA).“ (full statement and video)

High Commissioner Dame Nicola Brewer, representing the UK’s Secretary of State for Climate and Energy Chris Huhne said that the UK shares South Africa’s perspective that sustainable energy can be a firm foundation for sustainable growth and highlighted the potential to use public finance to leverage private capital. ”Setting ambitious objectives will spark investment interest. But investors and manufacturers need certainty to commit capital for the long term. They need to see clear policy goals, supported by carefully targeted funding, backed up with a realistic plan for delivery. That is what will deliver renewable energy at scale.”  (full statement and video)

Erik Solheim, Norway’s Minister of Environment and International Development congratulated South Africa on the initiative. He highlighted the need for bottom-up initiatives, alongside international agreements, and the need for climate change solutions to be integrated into economic policy. “Unless we can provide jobs and resolve the climate climate crisis with the same means, we will fail.”  (full statement and video)

Simon Brooks, Vice President of the European Investment Bank said that SARi is a unique initiative to scale up renewables investment through partnership between government and public funders and investors,  “the whole-hearted and public commitment of the government of South Africa is just what business and finance really need to commit themselves at scale to the renewable energy and industrial policies.” (full statement and video)